Desert Stylized Bridal Shoot {Elko Nevada Wedding Photographer}

A gorgeous model, warm sand and sunshine? Yep, we were still in Northern Nevada. The sand dunes provided just the right backdrop for this desert inspired bridal shoot. 

I recently had the privilege of collaborating with some of our local wedding vendors and photographers. We met together and wanted to put together a few bridal sessions. We decided on two concepts a boho/romantic couple shoot (seen here)  and a desert inspired bridal session. I am so amazed with how everything came together so effortlessly. It was an amazing experience for all involved!

 The lovely model Tonya Taylor is wearing a beautiful sleeveless gown provided by Candlelight Bridal. Makeup with Jadyn created a dramatic makeup look that really showcased the models features and looked absolutely fantastic with the floral, designed by Evergreen Flower Shop. Evergreen put together a huge and dramatic bouquet accented with antlers and feathers. It was truly a work of art! And no bridal shoot would be complete with out jewelry! Jensen Jewelers, provided us with some stunning pieces. They really sparkled in the sunshine.


Photographer: Ashley Lortie Photography

Hair and Makeup:  Jadyn Benoit

Floral: Evergreen Flower Shop

Dress: Candlelight Bridal

Jewelry: Jensen Jewelers

Model: Tonya Taylor

Soft Romance: Stylized Couple Session {Elko Nevada Wedding Photography}

The original concept for this stylized session was bohemian, but as the details came together I was left with feelings of softness and romance.  It was filled with beautiful light, a gorgeous meadow with horses and a couple in love!

Candlelight Bridal provided not one, but two amazing dresses for this session. The champagne dress perfectly coordinated to Matt's suspenders and bow-tie. I love the simplicity of his outfit. The white dress was simply stunning with the mesh sleeves and back. Makeup with Jadyn created a soft look with brown tones and a loose braid accented with babies breath. Evergreen Flower Shop created a beautiful bouquet of soft greens and pink peonies. And Jensen Jewelers provided all the jewelry for both the bride and the groom. The Levian ring she wore on her right hand was to die for!


Photographer: Ashley Lortie Photography

Hair and Makeup:  Jadyn Benoit

Floral: Evergreen Flower Shop

Dress: Candlelight Bridal

Jewelry: Jensen Jewelers

Quinton & Ashley {Elko Wedding Photographer}

Warm weather, sunshine and an adorable couple. I couldn't ask for more!  The Spring Creek campground was a beautiful setting for Quinton and Ashleys engagement session. Everything was so green and alive. 

I am so excited this couple chose me to be their photographer for their wedding this upcoming August.  Their super cute little guy jumped in for a few shots with him. But I have to say he might be the most well behaved child EVER!

Jose and Esperanza {Elko, Nevada Engagement Photographer}

I was at attending a friends baby shower late last year and not trying to be noisy, but couldn't help but overhear then conversation going on next to me. I heard a familiar name, but wasn't sure the person I thought they were talking about was actually the one. There was going to be a surprise engagement later that day, and the girl speaking was helping set it all up. I didn't really know her, and didn't want to interrupt them and say "Hey I've secretly been eavesdropping on you conversation"...So I just crossed my fingers they were talking about the couple I hoped they were!

And guess what? A few hours later it was Facebook officially confirmed. It was them!!! I was so excited. I was ever more excited when they contacted me about shooting their wedding. Can September hurry up and get here already!

Until then enjoy some of their super cute engagement session. We literally went rock climbing in the canyon and hiked all over the Kennedy Ranch. 

60 Years Ever After {Elko Nevada Wedding Photographer}

The church was packed, the pews were full and there was little standing room in the back. The doors open and the bride starts her walk down the aisle to her groom. But for this couple the wedding doesn't symbolizes a new beginning, but rather a celebration of the 60 years since the first time she met her groom at the alter.

Want to see all the fun from the day? Check out the whole gallery HERE

Dancing in the street {Elko Nevada Photographer}

Forever I have wanted to shoot a ballerina downtown, lucky for me a I know a few dance teachers! I put out some feelers to a few trying to find a dancer that would fit my vision. And find her I did! And her wonderful mother. I've definitely made a new friend!

We took to the streets of downtown Elko. It was so much fun. As much as I love shooting for clients, sometimes I have to shoot for me. And it came out exactly how I imagined it. I cant wait to do another dancer shoot next year. I'm thinking water and leaps! Stay tuned =)

Michael + Julie + Girls {Elko Nevada Family Photographer}

The first time I met this couple it was for a very special announcement. They were letting everyone know they were expecting their first child. A few months later I traveled to their families ranch and photographed her maternity pictures....Fast forward a few years and I got to meet not only one daughter, but two. And seriously could their little family be any more adorable. The girls were so cute and full of personality. The outtakes from their session had me rolling. They have facial expressions for days!

Together is better {Elko Nevada Family Photographer}

I know most people have trouble pulling off one outfit for portraits, but this family put together 3! That is pretty amazing in my book.  We had planned to travel to Tuscarora for their session, but due to unforeseen circumstances we had to stay a bit more local. We chose Powerhouse Picnic area in Lamoille Canyon and although I was super excited to explore Tuscarora, I think this area turned out beautifully!



Frosted {Elko Nevada Childrens photographer}

I love shooting cake smashes! You never know what to expect. Each child comes with their own cake eating personality. Some are all in, tearing chunks out. Others are petite eaters, that only lick finger tips of frosting. But in the end no matter got they start they always end up an ooey gooey mess of cuteness!

I couldn't believe this little guy was already turning 1! It seemed like just yesterday he was barely 4 months old at fall minis.  


Love in the Library {Elko Nevada Photographer}

A few weeks ago we had a mirror mirror project shoot and the theme was hipster/nerd. The Elko County Library so graciously allowed us to shoot there while they was closed for an event. It was the perfect setting for our session! 

This year we have decided to shake things up a bit with the project and have been allowing men to join our shoots. They have to be accompanied by their significant other, but I love the diversity it has brought. 

While everyone showed up at their hipster/nerd best, I loved the couples!!! Who would have though the library would be so much fun and would allow for so much interaction. It makes me excited to shoot more couples sessions in "outside the box" locations in the future.  I'd love to push my couples to think of places that are special to them and try and set up a shoot there! Im thinking laundry mats, grocery stores, coffee shops, pet stores the possibilities are endless. 

Here are some of my favorites from the shoot! 

Have a unique location you'd love to do a session? Contact me today and we will see what we can do to make that happen!!!! 


What to expect: Extended Family sessions Elko Nevada family photographer

What to Expect: Extended Family Sessions

Extended family sessions are meant to document the entire family!  We will take a variety of images to show case everyone! We will do poses with the entire group, shots of each individual family, and other custom groupings (cousins, siblings, grandparents w/grand kids etc.).

I offer custom photography experience.  That means I customize each session for each client’s needs while maintaining my style.  So take a breath…we’ll make this as stress free as possible. I am here to support you throughout the entire process, from choosing a location, planning outfits, and finally designing image displays.

When you book a session, we decide on a location that fits your family and will look good hanging on your walls.  I have a lot of locations I can recommend to you, but will happily check out ones that you might want to use.  Don't feel pressured to find a location though, thats why you hired me!

My shooting style is  laid back, but extra efficient with large families to make sure we get all the shots before the kids and men are over it! I work to make your session an enjoyable experience for your entire family. Its a good idea to write down all the combinations you are wanting prior to the session and send it to me. The day of the session there is a lot going on with so many people, so it helps make sure you get all the shots you are wanting! 

What to wear

One of the hardest decisions is figuring out what to wear. I can help you with that!

The days of matchy- matchy are out ( Ex. all in black t-shirts) Its all about coordinating! Picking out fits for your individual family can be hard enough, but the though of dressing your ENTIRE family might send you running for the hills.  Here are a few tips to make wardrobe less intimidating!


Coordination can be obtained when the subjects have a color scheme and similar style.  Every person does not need to have every color and can even have little bits of different colors but it is safe to choose three colors for your main colors with neutral base color and then go from there. 

When choosing your colors it is best to stick with jewel tones (deep, rich and not to dark) and lighter colors (pastels). Bright and neon colors should be avoided. They tend to give off color cast and make your skin or those around you an unflattering color.

Textures and Layers:

Layer, Layer, Layer! It adds depth and interest to your images. As it gets warmer layering clothes can be more difficult, so think about accessories! Belt, jewelry, vests and other accessories can also give you the look you want!

Texture can be added by wearing embellished clothing. Other things include a floral headband, knitted sweater, lace or just rolling up sleeve and pant legs.


Patterns in clothing can easily become a distraction in an image or make it feel too busy if not done properly. I would suggest one 1-2 individuals from each individual family wear a pattern, and with that they should compliment each other. If one is wearing a floral pattern, try to have the other not wear the same one. 

Try and stay away from branded clothing that reflects trends of the day, this can age a photo too much and gives a certain amount of cheesiness. Also logos or images on clothing can distract from the subject in the photo, you never want clothing to take the attention away from you or your family.

Flatter your body:

Be comfortable! Make sure your clothes fit properly, nothing too tight or too loose. If you are not feeling confident in what you are wearing it will show! Try and camouflage any areas that you are uncomfortable with by using light layering of darker colors.  If you are uncomfortable with your arms, don't wear a sleeveless shirt.

And if you cant figure it out, that's okay. I can help you put together outfits and get everyone nice and coordinated! Feel free to text me over things you are thinking about while shopping , etc. I am here to make this as easy and stress-free as possible!

After the Session

Within two weeks of your session, I will have your 30-35 images ready for you. We will then meet to view the images and you can choose how you would like to spend your print credit. I offer a wide variety of products, such as professional quality prints, ready to have canvas, coffee table books and many more custom products to showcase your beautiful images.

Hopefully this will ease your hesitations about scheduling a session, and if you have any other question, please don't hesitate to ask!

Contact me HERE to book your session today! Or call me at 775.385.0496





Client Referral Program {Elko, Nevada Photographer}

New for 2016 ALP Has a referral program!

What is it?

We all know how valuable word of mouth referrals are. We trust and rely on our friends and family to recommend service and products. And because referrals are the best compliment ever, they deserve a big fat thank you!


How it works?

Did you love your session with Ashley Lortie Photography? Tell your friends and family about it! Share your images on social media and be sure to credit or tag my photography page. Know someone looking for a photographer, slip them my name. It's really that easy!

Every person that books and pays for a session and uses your name earns you $50 off your next session! No crazy cards to pass out and keep track of.  Just spread the word about ALP!

Refer 6 people and earn a free session!

Refer more then 6? Start earning free product! You can refer as many people as you like, there is no cap on the amount of referral credit you can receive!

But that's not all!!! Your referrals will receive a $25 print credit. 


The fine print

Referral money CANNOT be used for past session prints or money back from previous sessions, only future sessions with me.

Referrals are not retroactive- can only be new referral clients and not from a past session.

It is only considered a referral when the client you refer has FULLY paid for their session.

If your referral books and cancels you will not receive a referral credit.

When your referrals book, they will need to let me know that you referred them.

If 2 clients refer 1 person I will only credit the first name that is given to me ( sorry I just can’t credit more than 1)

You cannot transfer your referral credit to someone else, It must be used by you only.

This referral credit is not actual money, you will not receive actual money, just a note on your account and a discount off the session fee for the next session you book



Who let the dogs out {Elko Nevada Photographer}

I love when clients want to include their pets in their session. I have three fur babies of my own, so nothing makes me happier then meeting "all" the members of your family. So when I got an inquiry from Sheri, I was so excited she wanted pictures of her, her husband and their three boys Roman, Solomon and Aron. Her boys also happen to be 3 Mastiffs weighing in at 215, 195 and 190 lbs. 

Now if you've meet me before, its no secret I am vertically challenged. I was humored by the fact their head hit a couple (or a few more then a couple) inches above my belly button. I imagine people are often intimidated by their size, but after spending a few minutes with them its not hard to tell they are gentle giants!

They have done an amazing job training them. They dogs were so good during the session. I think Roman would have rather been taking a nap, but he humored us. At the end of the session Aron finally got to play with the squeaker toy I was using to get their attention and you should have seen him prance around. Who would have though a small orange ball would be the best thing in the world.

Our pictures are amazing and you will be doing them next year!
— Sheri

Love these? You can see their whole gallery here!


The Mirror Mirror Project {Elko Nevada Photographer}

Have you heard your friends chatting about something called the Mirror Mirror Project or maybe you've seen some really awesome images of your friends dressed in costumes come across your news feed from time to time and you want to know what its all about.  Well let me tell you all about it!

What is the Mirror Mirror Project? 

The Mirror Mirror Project is a photography project started by photographers Savannah Johnson and Ashley Lortie that aims to help women build self-confidence through fun and creative photography sessions. And to build a positive and uplifting community. 

Who are the photographers?

The photographers are Savannah Johnson and Ashley Lortie. To see more of their work please check out their websites!

Savannah Johnson- 

Ashley Lortie-

How do I join a session?

We hold online sign ups on our Mirror Mirror Facebook page for each theme we will be shooting. We have 10 spots available for each shoot. Sign ups are first come, first serve. We will announce sign up times on the page. We do three months of signups at a time. Once the sign up post goes live, you simply comment your email address. There is a small $20 fee to join shoots, that is due at time of sign ups. You will be invoiced electronically. If the invoice is not paid within the hour (unless other arraignments are made) you will lose your spot. See below for themes and sign up schedule.

Are the costumes and/or hair and makeup provided? 

We do not provide costumes and/or hair and makeup. We do however provide ideas and help if you feel lost, and need guidance. We have built an amazing online community of girls that love to help each other out with costumes. We also have a few girls that volunteer to help with hair and make up if needed. Please join our chat group. You'll receive all the help you could ever need! 

Do I have to dress up?

YES, YES, YES!!! We challenge you to push your creativity and come up with a costume for each theme. We give this project 110% and ask participates to do the same!  We have pinterest boards for each month for inspiration. The more you put into the project, the more you will get back.  

 What happens at the shoot?

Normally we break the 10 girls up into 2 groups. Depending on which group you are in you will show up at your designated time and location. You should be in your costume and ready to shoot! Once the shoot starts you will either work with Ashley or Savannah first and once you are done shooting with them, you will go to the other photographer. Each photographer will guide you through posing and create beautiful images for you! During down time its a great time to chat and make new friends with the other girls.

Can my significant other or children join the shoot and be in my pictures?

This year we are allowing your significant other to join the shoots, but they must come in costume as well! We don't however allow children unless specified.

What happens after the shoot?

After the shoot we try and get a sneak peek of each girls up on our facebook page within a few days. Normally within 2 weeks we will each post a link to our galleries in the chat. You will receive galleries of 3-5 images from each photographer.  You are able to download your images from the galleries.

Can I share my images?

Yes, please share! All we ask is you don't edit, filter, or change the photograph in any way. And also give the photographer credit!

What are the themes and when are the sign ups? 

We will hold sign ups for April, May and June on March 1st

April-Kentucky Derby. The bigger the hat the better!!! Sundresses. no shorts/jeans.

May-Nerd/Hipster. This one will be a morning session and in the library. Bring out your inner nerd girl!

June-Boho/Hippie. We really want way more BOHO look, flappy hats, flower crowns. Ashley will do a flower crown class right before too.

We will hold sign ups for July, Aug and Sept on June 1st

July-Master Challenge- Water goddess. Please no mermaid tails. we want nets, and extreme makeup. Really take a look at the inspiration board on this one. Traveling to Barth Lake…/master-challange-water-nymphwa…/

August- Warriors- get your war paint on ladies, Its time to get down and dirty. Gritty. Leather, fur. paint!

September-Master Challenge-Natural disasters/Emotions. High fashion, avant garde. Ashley had a cool idea of taking charcoal and just smearing it all over yourself, stuff like that,…/master-challange-natural-disas…/

We will hold sign ups for October, November and Dec on September 1st

October-Master Challenge-Biggest Fear/Nightmare- Dark! Spiders, snakes, being tied up, Ghosts, thing dark and weary.…/nightmares-and-fears/

November-Flowy dress. FLOWY, no satin. no formals. Chiffon and Lace, super easy DIY just add some fabric.

December-Glitter and Gold. All things pretty, shinny, sparkels. Gold and Glitter.

Exact date of shoot will be announces at signups.

Dont see a theme you like?

Thats okay. Make your own! We shoot private sessions. Get a group of your friends together and come up with any theme you want. Private sessions pricing is as follows: 1-5 girls $200 after 5 each additional girls is $40.

If you have any additional questions please message us on our facebook page

or join our chat group by clicking here



Jennifer-Elko High School Senior 2016 {Elko Nevada Senor Photographer}

Jennifer is/was an Elko High school 2016 senior. I was is/was because she was able to graduate early and has already started taking college courses! I was so looking forward to shooting her session, not only is she absolutely gorgeous, she is super sweet too! And lets not forget brave. It was freezing cold the day of her session, but she pulled off her outfits like it was 90 degrees and sunny! Lucky her, shortly after her shoot she spent a couple weeks back in Mexico where it was sunny and warm!


What are you most looking forward to after your senior year?

I am currently done with my senior year, basically a "freshman" in college and what I look most forward to for the rest of this year is getting ahead on my career. After receiving my associates I hope to go on to receive a masters in psychology.

What was your favorite high school memory?

My best High school memory was basically my sophomore year, I've lost a lot of friends but made so so many great ones. That were honestly a true blessing, and made that year an amazing experience.

What is the best advice you received?

The best advice I could've received was that it's all for me, I went through a surplus of downfalls and it was either get the job done now, or be behind later while everyone's already done.

What advice do you have for incoming freshman?

If I could give any advice it would be to, enjoy it. Enjoy High school, enjoy every activity the school has to offer, enjoy the pep-rallys, enjoy every game if you can, enjoy making friends. Just make the best of it while you can. High school should be an amazing experience.

Preparing the family for a photoshoot {Elko Nevada Family Photographer}

5 Tips to a great photo shoot with kids

The thought of a photo session can send the best of moms running for the hills. What if little Tommy refuses to smile? What if Janie cries uncontrollably? There are so many scenarios running through you head.

All you want is beautiful images of your family. You can almost see grandmas face as she proudly hangs her photographs on her wall and brags to all her friends about how adorable her wonderful daughters family is. You envision the envious reaction of your old classmates as they see your images pop up on their newsfeed...but then reality sets in and you wonder how this experience can be anything more then a three ring circus.

Well have no fear. I am here to help you lay the foundation for an amazing, stress free (okay well 98% stress free) session. The ground work for success starts weeks/days before the session takes place. So lets get started!

1. Plan the session around your child.

Sure there are times of day we photographers prefer to shoot because of light. The best times for lighting are two hours before sunset and after sunrise.  But that being said PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not schedule your session around your children's nap or bed time. Try to keep your routine as close to possible as normal.  We might not be able to shoot at your first choice of location, but I will find us somewhere else fantastic.  Location choice is a small sacrifice for a smiling, happy child.

Guess what else makes for a happy, cooperative child? A full belly! If you have lunch or dinner scheduled after your session, make sure to give them a healthy snack before hand to tide them over. This is a good tip for dads too!

2. Let them know what your doing!

A few days before the session explain to the kids what you will be doing. Make it fun and exciting. Tell them they will have fun, but you expect them to behave. Keep it simple and light. Don't overwhelm them, or be too demanding. They will go into the session with their defense up and that's not what we want! Also, don't have them practice their smiles. Kids are not good fake smilers. No matter how much coaching you give them, it will still look fake. This is one of those little worries you just have to let go. I will do just about anything to pull real genuine smiles and expressions out. You might even witness my famous hot dog dance.

3. Make sure they are comfortable.

Start preparing your clothing choices well in advance of your session. Make sure they are appropriate for whatever season/location you are shooting in. If they are too hot of cold, be sure meltdowns can and will occur. Make sure everything fits appropriately. Kids don't hide discomfort as well as adults do. Kids show their emotions on their face.  If their shoes are too tight or their sweater is itchy, grumpy faces will ensue.

If they are wearing new outfits, do a trial run a few days before the session so you can flag any would be issues before the actual day.

4.  Let go of expectations at the shoot.

We have planned and laid the foundation for a successful photo shoot, but sometimes things don't go as planned. Just go with it! So Tommy wont sit still for more then a minute at a time. That's okay let him play and explore I will just follow him around.  The more pressure we put on the kids to sit still and smile, the more uptight they (and everyone else) get. So just  go with the flow and trust that I am capturing beautiful images along the way. Candid shots usually tell the story better anyway.

I like parents to be involved but leave the direction to me.  I have silly tricks to capture your child's true personality.  Even if it looks like your child is acting out of control making faces at me, know that I am capturing the smiles he gives in between those silly faces. I promise he wont have his tongue hanging out in all your images.  I will let you know anytime I need you to step in!

5. Have fun with your family

This one goes hand in hand with tip #4. Have fun, laugh, giggle, joke, embrace, play! I want to capture the emotion and true beauty of your family. The more you relax and have fun, the more your love for each other can shine through. Nothing ruins a photo faster then the tight smile of a frustrated parent. The success of a photo shoot is not determined solely by the attitudes of parents, but it does make a huge impact!

Hope you find these tips helpful when preparing for a session! Please share with your friends and family or anyone else you think might benefit from this!

Baby its cold outside {Elko Nevada Family Photographer}

It was sooo cold outside this day. I have found a love for winter sessions, with all the gorgeous snow we've had falling lately. But this day it was frigid!!!! Mom and dad had the little one bundled up and we took breaks in between so she could sit in the car and warm up. But we got through it, and we were able to create some gorgeous images. I loved the pale pink against the green So pretty! And do you see little misses eyelashes??? Gah =)

Wardrobe Inspiration {Elko Nevada Photographer}

Do you have issues putting outfits together and need a bit of inspiration, look no further then your smart device. Theres a really fun app called Polyvore. It is available for both android and apple systems. 

First be warned, it can become a slight obsession. It allows to shop and browse popular trends, and gives you awesome styling tips with direct links to where you can buy the exact product shown.  At first glance it was kinda like when I skim Redbook, really cool stuff i'd love to have, but a really big price tag to go along with it. But then I discovered if you click the link it will also take you to similar knock-offs. Sold!

And if that wasn't enough to keep me entertained for a little while (ok, so a long while) I also discovered another app called polyvore remix. You find an article of clothing you like and it will create a entire look from it. Not your style? Just keep hitting the remix button and it will change it up!

Here's an example. I choose 1 shirt and created 10 different looks.  I'd love to see pictures of your favorites! I'm so excited to share this app with you all! I hope you have as much fun as I did creating outfits! 

You can find the adorable gray sweater here


My Best Friend {Elko Nevada lifestyle family photographer}

You're more than a lover
There could never be another
To make me feel the way you do
Oh we just get closer
I fall in love all over
Every time I look at you
I don't know where I'd be
Without you here with me
Life with you makes perfect sense
You're my best friend
You're my best friend, oh yeah