Cortez Wedding {Elko, Nevada wedding photographer}

Along with a strong wind, anticipation was in the air. Inside the girls gathered in the upstairs bedroom getting ready for the big day. The room was full of makeup and laughter. Downstairs gathered in a small room, the boys were celebrating and sharing shots . Today was a day of celebration. Today was the day Ernie and Lyndsey would be tying the knot!


I'm so glad I had the opportunity to be a part of their special day! It was so much fun. The wedding was in her fathers yard, which was gorgeous.   Their tables and decor were fantastic, but being in Nevada the wind of course was CRAZY that day. It was blowing everything around. Thankful it did settle a bit as the day went on. They had a dj for the first party of the reception and then they told me the band would play later in the evening. In my head I was picturing a small band, little did I know it was a huge, vibrant Mexican band. They really got the crowd going!  Congrats Ernie and Lyndsey. I wish you nothing but happiness and laughter in your future!

"We are a work in progress, with a lifetime contract, but I promise to make you tacos and kiss you goodnight". -Lyndsey James Cortez