Desean and Peewee {Elko, Lamoille, Nevada Family Photographer}

Whats a session with a child under two like? Well lets just say you better have your Nikes laced up tight, because your going to be moving. Once these little guys have discovered their legs, sitting still is a thing of the past. They are off exploring every pert of their world. They pick up sticks, collect rocks and climb on ever structure. Even though I leave these sessions needing a nap, I love them! I love how excited they get over the small things. As long as you let them lead the session, it is bound to be full of smiles and giggles.

Desean session was no different. He was go, go , go! We chased him all around Lamoille Grove. He would sit for me for about 5 seconds at a time, before he was out of there! But we got some awesome images of his personality and captured his busyness!  He brought along is best pal, Peewee. Peewee cracked me up. I think he thought he deserved his own session. We would get him to sit down and he would be all posed and ready. As soon as we added Desean in, he would get up and walk away. But it was the same vise versa too. It was similar to playing Wack-a-mole. But from all that came one of my favorite shots I have ever captured. Take a look at the images below and let me know if you can figure out which one!