How to use your Gallery {Elko Nevada Portrait Photography}

You've now received your email containing your gallery. What now? This tutorial is to help guide you through the features of your user friendly gallery. The gallery has many feature such as the availability to download your images straight to your computer, disk or flash drive. You can also make a favorites list, share your images on social media and purchase prints from the comfort of your home.

(The images used in this tutorial were from a Day of the Dead themed photo shoot for the Mirror Mirror project)

How do you download your images?

Your email will contain a link that look similar to this one. Click on the green View Collection link. Be sure to write down the 4 digit pin, as you will need this later.

Once you click the view collection link you will be taken to your gallery. Once you have viewed your images and are ready to download you will look for this symbol. If you want to download the entire collection at once you will use this icon(one pictured below). If you wish to download files individually, you will find this symbol on each image in the collection.

After hitting the download icon you will be brought to this screen. You will enter your email and pin number here.

You will now click download. Depending on what you plan to use the photos for, you will pick either original or web sized files. If you are planning to print your images you will pick the original size or high resolution. If you are only wanting to share on social media sites chose the web sized files(these can not be printed).

Pick save files when this option pops up. Your files will download as a zip file. Once they have finished downloading open the file. You will be able to see your images. At this point they are downloaded onto your hard drive. If you choose you can move the folder to a different location, or save the images to a cd or flash drive by highlighting the folder and right clicking copy. Once you have where you want to move it to right click and hit paste.

How do I create a favorites list?

To create a favorites list, you will click on the heart shaped icon on an image. The first icon you click, will ask you to enter your email address. You will only have to do this once. Once you have created your favorites list, you will be able to access the complete list using this icon at the top.

Your favorites list will look something like this. I am able to see your favorites list from my side of the gallery as well.

How do I purchase prints and products?

To purchase a print of a particular image, you will click on the shopping cart icon. It will open to a screen that look like this. You will chose what size print and the quantity using the + and - signs.  It will automatically add your selections to the cart.




Whenyou are done making your selections, you will click on the view cart button. Once you have checked to make sure your order is correct, you will hit the checkout button.

Once you have checked out and completes your purchases, you will receive your prints and products in 1-2 weeks. Albums and other products may take up to one month.

If you have any questions or are having issues,  please feel free to contact me. I can meet with you or walk you through over the telephone.