Who let the dogs out {Elko Nevada Photographer}

I love when clients want to include their pets in their session. I have three fur babies of my own, so nothing makes me happier then meeting "all" the members of your family. So when I got an inquiry from Sheri, I was so excited she wanted pictures of her, her husband and their three boys Roman, Solomon and Aron. Her boys also happen to be 3 Mastiffs weighing in at 215, 195 and 190 lbs. 

Now if you've meet me before, its no secret I am vertically challenged. I was humored by the fact their head hit a couple (or a few more then a couple) inches above my belly button. I imagine people are often intimidated by their size, but after spending a few minutes with them its not hard to tell they are gentle giants!

They have done an amazing job training them. They dogs were so good during the session. I think Roman would have rather been taking a nap, but he humored us. At the end of the session Aron finally got to play with the squeaker toy I was using to get their attention and you should have seen him prance around. Who would have though a small orange ball would be the best thing in the world.

Our pictures are amazing and you will be doing them next year!
— Sheri

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