What to expect: Extended Family sessions Elko Nevada family photographer

What to Expect: Extended Family Sessions

Extended family sessions are meant to document the entire family!  We will take a variety of images to show case everyone! We will do poses with the entire group, shots of each individual family, and other custom groupings (cousins, siblings, grandparents w/grand kids etc.).

I offer custom photography experience.  That means I customize each session for each client’s needs while maintaining my style.  So take a breath…we’ll make this as stress free as possible. I am here to support you throughout the entire process, from choosing a location, planning outfits, and finally designing image displays.

When you book a session, we decide on a location that fits your family and will look good hanging on your walls.  I have a lot of locations I can recommend to you, but will happily check out ones that you might want to use.  Don't feel pressured to find a location though, thats why you hired me!

My shooting style is  laid back, but extra efficient with large families to make sure we get all the shots before the kids and men are over it! I work to make your session an enjoyable experience for your entire family. Its a good idea to write down all the combinations you are wanting prior to the session and send it to me. The day of the session there is a lot going on with so many people, so it helps make sure you get all the shots you are wanting! 

What to wear

One of the hardest decisions is figuring out what to wear. I can help you with that!

The days of matchy- matchy are out ( Ex. all in black t-shirts) Its all about coordinating! Picking out fits for your individual family can be hard enough, but the though of dressing your ENTIRE family might send you running for the hills.  Here are a few tips to make wardrobe less intimidating!


Coordination can be obtained when the subjects have a color scheme and similar style.  Every person does not need to have every color and can even have little bits of different colors but it is safe to choose three colors for your main colors with neutral base color and then go from there. 

When choosing your colors it is best to stick with jewel tones (deep, rich and not to dark) and lighter colors (pastels). Bright and neon colors should be avoided. They tend to give off color cast and make your skin or those around you an unflattering color.

Textures and Layers:

Layer, Layer, Layer! It adds depth and interest to your images. As it gets warmer layering clothes can be more difficult, so think about accessories! Belt, jewelry, vests and other accessories can also give you the look you want!

Texture can be added by wearing embellished clothing. Other things include a floral headband, knitted sweater, lace or just rolling up sleeve and pant legs.


Patterns in clothing can easily become a distraction in an image or make it feel too busy if not done properly. I would suggest one 1-2 individuals from each individual family wear a pattern, and with that they should compliment each other. If one is wearing a floral pattern, try to have the other not wear the same one. 

Try and stay away from branded clothing that reflects trends of the day, this can age a photo too much and gives a certain amount of cheesiness. Also logos or images on clothing can distract from the subject in the photo, you never want clothing to take the attention away from you or your family.

Flatter your body:

Be comfortable! Make sure your clothes fit properly, nothing too tight or too loose. If you are not feeling confident in what you are wearing it will show! Try and camouflage any areas that you are uncomfortable with by using light layering of darker colors.  If you are uncomfortable with your arms, don't wear a sleeveless shirt.

And if you cant figure it out, that's okay. I can help you put together outfits and get everyone nice and coordinated! Feel free to text me over things you are thinking about while shopping , etc. I am here to make this as easy and stress-free as possible!

After the Session

Within two weeks of your session, I will have your 30-35 images ready for you. We will then meet to view the images and you can choose how you would like to spend your print credit. I offer a wide variety of products, such as professional quality prints, ready to have canvas, coffee table books and many more custom products to showcase your beautiful images.

Hopefully this will ease your hesitations about scheduling a session, and if you have any other question, please don't hesitate to ask!

Contact me HERE to book your session today! Or call me at 775.385.0496