Jose and Esperanza {Elko, Nevada Engagement Photographer}

I was at attending a friends baby shower late last year and not trying to be noisy, but couldn't help but overhear then conversation going on next to me. I heard a familiar name, but wasn't sure the person I thought they were talking about was actually the one. There was going to be a surprise engagement later that day, and the girl speaking was helping set it all up. I didn't really know her, and didn't want to interrupt them and say "Hey I've secretly been eavesdropping on you conversation"...So I just crossed my fingers they were talking about the couple I hoped they were!

And guess what? A few hours later it was Facebook officially confirmed. It was them!!! I was so excited. I was ever more excited when they contacted me about shooting their wedding. Can September hurry up and get here already!

Until then enjoy some of their super cute engagement session. We literally went rock climbing in the canyon and hiked all over the Kennedy Ranch.