The Mirror Mirror Project {Elko Nevada Photographer}

Have you heard your friends chatting about something called the Mirror Mirror Project or maybe you've seen some really awesome images of your friends dressed in costumes come across your news feed from time to time and you want to know what its all about.  Well let me tell you all about it!

What is the Mirror Mirror Project? 

The Mirror Mirror Project is a photography project started by photographers Savannah Johnson and Ashley Lortie that aims to help women build self-confidence through fun and creative photography sessions. And to build a positive and uplifting community. 

Who are the photographers?

The photographers are Savannah Johnson and Ashley Lortie. To see more of their work please check out their websites!

Savannah Johnson- 

Ashley Lortie-

How do I join a session?

We hold online sign ups on our Mirror Mirror Facebook page for each theme we will be shooting. We have 10 spots available for each shoot. Sign ups are first come, first serve. We will announce sign up times on the page. We do three months of signups at a time. Once the sign up post goes live, you simply comment your email address. There is a small $20 fee to join shoots, that is due at time of sign ups. You will be invoiced electronically. If the invoice is not paid within the hour (unless other arraignments are made) you will lose your spot. See below for themes and sign up schedule.

Are the costumes and/or hair and makeup provided? 

We do not provide costumes and/or hair and makeup. We do however provide ideas and help if you feel lost, and need guidance. We have built an amazing online community of girls that love to help each other out with costumes. We also have a few girls that volunteer to help with hair and make up if needed. Please join our chat group. You'll receive all the help you could ever need! 

Do I have to dress up?

YES, YES, YES!!! We challenge you to push your creativity and come up with a costume for each theme. We give this project 110% and ask participates to do the same!  We have pinterest boards for each month for inspiration. The more you put into the project, the more you will get back.  

 What happens at the shoot?

Normally we break the 10 girls up into 2 groups. Depending on which group you are in you will show up at your designated time and location. You should be in your costume and ready to shoot! Once the shoot starts you will either work with Ashley or Savannah first and once you are done shooting with them, you will go to the other photographer. Each photographer will guide you through posing and create beautiful images for you! During down time its a great time to chat and make new friends with the other girls.

Can my significant other or children join the shoot and be in my pictures?

This year we are allowing your significant other to join the shoots, but they must come in costume as well! We don't however allow children unless specified.

What happens after the shoot?

After the shoot we try and get a sneak peek of each girls up on our facebook page within a few days. Normally within 2 weeks we will each post a link to our galleries in the chat. You will receive galleries of 3-5 images from each photographer.  You are able to download your images from the galleries.

Can I share my images?

Yes, please share! All we ask is you don't edit, filter, or change the photograph in any way. And also give the photographer credit!

What are the themes and when are the sign ups? 

We will hold sign ups for April, May and June on March 1st

April-Kentucky Derby. The bigger the hat the better!!! Sundresses. no shorts/jeans.

May-Nerd/Hipster. This one will be a morning session and in the library. Bring out your inner nerd girl!

June-Boho/Hippie. We really want way more BOHO look, flappy hats, flower crowns. Ashley will do a flower crown class right before too.

We will hold sign ups for July, Aug and Sept on June 1st

July-Master Challenge- Water goddess. Please no mermaid tails. we want nets, and extreme makeup. Really take a look at the inspiration board on this one. Traveling to Barth Lake…/master-challange-water-nymphwa…/

August- Warriors- get your war paint on ladies, Its time to get down and dirty. Gritty. Leather, fur. paint!

September-Master Challenge-Natural disasters/Emotions. High fashion, avant garde. Ashley had a cool idea of taking charcoal and just smearing it all over yourself, stuff like that,…/master-challange-natural-disas…/

We will hold sign ups for October, November and Dec on September 1st

October-Master Challenge-Biggest Fear/Nightmare- Dark! Spiders, snakes, being tied up, Ghosts, thing dark and weary.…/nightmares-and-fears/

November-Flowy dress. FLOWY, no satin. no formals. Chiffon and Lace, super easy DIY just add some fabric.

December-Glitter and Gold. All things pretty, shinny, sparkels. Gold and Glitter.

Exact date of shoot will be announces at signups.

Dont see a theme you like?

Thats okay. Make your own! We shoot private sessions. Get a group of your friends together and come up with any theme you want. Private sessions pricing is as follows: 1-5 girls $200 after 5 each additional girls is $40.

If you have any additional questions please message us on our facebook page

or join our chat group by clicking here